Wow Girls Teen Zoe Has Nice Tits

wow girl tits

Every so often I find a girl who not only has amazing natural tits, but also has something else that gets my attention. Sometimes it’s puffy nipples, but this time it’s inny nipples, something that is fairly rare. If you check out sexy teen Zoe from Wow Girls closely, you will see that her nipples don’t point out, they actually point in! That means that instead of getting a hard nipple point out, you have just a little inset where it goes hiding. The fun part about nipples like that is that you sort of have to suck them out of hiding so you can enjoy them, making this teen’s tits even more fun to play with. Considering how nice and firm her sexy small B cup breasts are, that is a nice bonus on top of a great pair of natural teen tits!

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Sexy Withney Has Full Tits and Inny Nipples

It’s not every day you find a girl with inny nipples (they poke in instead of out) Withney’s nipples are sort of just on the line, hiding inside until you get her excited, then they pop out ready for your lips and tongue to tease and play. This sexy 18 year old from the Czech Republic has got great tits too, full and ripe, 34C tits that look just great, and her nipples are located just a little on the up side, giving them an even more perky look. This girl is one of the horniest ones I have seen on Nubiles too, she gets really juicy and totally into it as she shows off her sexy body and plays with toys, those nipples popping out and making a starring appearance!

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